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David Newman
San Francisco

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David Newman
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This site is a web exhibition of collectible turn-of-the-century works on paper that predate my recent iPad Portraits.

Here are 17 works from a series of more than 300 that I created between 1998 and 2001.

I've drawn and painted from life since the mid-seventies. I began at UC Davis' Art Department in 1973. My instructors were John Fitz Gibbon, Wayne Thiebaud, David Gilhooly, Roland Peterson, Dan Shapiro, Dan Snyder, Cornelia Schulz and Manuel Neri. William T. Wiley and Robert Arneson were strong influences. At the Academy of Art in San Francisco, my instructor was Howard Brodie. At UC Berkeley, my instructors were Joan Brown, Elmer Bischoff, Sylvia Lark, and visiting professor Barbara Kruger. I received my BFA from UC Berkeley in 1978.

As a freelance courtroom artist, I contributed drawings to United Press International, the Bay Guardian, the Sentinel and the Daily Californian. I drew alongside the superb courtroom artists Don Juhlin, Walt Stewart, Judy Manzelman and Harry Aung at the trial of Dan White. I also drew at court appearances of Patty Hearst's roommate Wendy Yoshimura and her kidnappers Bill and Emily Harris. I drew the Chowchilla Bus Kidnappers and alleged People's Temple suspect Larry Layton, and trials of Black Panther party founder Dr. Huey P. Newton.

In the mid 80's, I created computer graphics pioneer Via Video's first nationwide training curriculum. Since then I've worked in the field of computer graphics, marketing, web development, and Macintosh training & support. At Island Graphics Corporation, I managed public relations. I created the first website for the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, including the Legion of Honor and the De Young Museum.

I've continued to draw and paint, more recently with my iPad, mostly among people and in landscapes.

I create works at one sitting. For the works on paper, I don't rework any part after the modeling session is over. I often photograph the works in progress as a journal and as a basis for further works.

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David Newman
San Francisco
August 27, 2003, updated July 10, 2010

PS: Thank you, Ron Rick and Vanessa, for your inspiration and your help selecting these works. And thank you Catherine, Joslyn, Karin, Kristy, Pamela, La-Ni, Sue and Daniella and Daniela. And thank you Marlo, James and David for your thoughtful comments as these works were being created.

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